Did you know every year, billions of dollars in damages are caused by hail and high-speed winds in the U.S., accounting for a large percentage of insurance claims? While some signs of hail damage can be obvious, such as car dents or cracked/broken windows, roof damage may not be so apparent. Unless you have obvious holes in your roof, you’ll benefit from a roof inspection to detect hail damage that can be unnoticeable to the untrained eye. An expert from Trillas Consulting Engineers, LLC can assist you in determining the damage and provide you with guidance on any necessary repairs.

The Impact of Hail Damage to a Roof

Many different factors impact the effects of roof damage from hail including the size of the hail, the wind direction and speed, and the material, age and slope of a roof. Hail damage can be cosmetic or functional. Although you may think cosmetic damage is minor, it can lead to serious complications through granule loss, bruises, dents, punctures, cracks, broken edges and more. Granule loss accelerates aging because the asphalt coating becomes exposed to the elements. Hard hail can crack and tear off shingles and even expose or fracture the fiberglass mat underneath leaving your roof unprotected from weather, which can lead to leaks.

Identifying Hail Roof Damage

Although severe roof damage is easier to detect, it’s recommended to have a professional perform a roof inspection to assess damages following a hail storm no matter how small the hail may have been. If the hail is larger than 1” in diameter, damage will most likely be obvious. You can search for telltale signs that can indicate possible hail roof damage such as dings and dents in your gutters or downspouts, gutter clogs caused by granules, and damage to your siding and deck. Once you’ve identified damage, a roof inspection is in order.

Can Hail Roof Damage be Repaired?

Absolutely. Depending on the damage, the repair can range anywhere from fixing a shingle to replacing the entire roof. This is why it’s so important to have an expert from Trillas Consulting Engineers, LLC determine the extent of the damage no matter how undetectable it seems. Ignoring roof damage can turn into an expensive fix. Roof damage can easily develop into a leak or ice dam, eventually resulting in mold damage, wood rot, electrical issues and more.

At Trillas Consulting Engineers, LLC, we have a thorough understanding of the effects of hail on a property. Our professionals move quickly to get your property assessed and accurately documented with all pertaining damage. Let us relieve you of your worry. Contact us for an evaluation.

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